I found on social media, a report from CropperGIS that was prepared, but not yet publicly posted on BCPS’ webpage. I feel compelled to share this information with the neighborhood only because some communities may have seen it and others have not, and I want to make sure Idlewylde is informed.

CES Survey Response Summary and Comments (sharpschool.com)

The information presented as tables here is somewhat difficult to visualize. By far, more Stoneleigh families responded to the survey than any other school. Most Stoneleigh families indicated a preference, either Strongly or Somewhat in favor for Option C, and unsurprisingly strongly opposed Option D. You may recall that Option D divides Wiltondale. I created a visual aid and have posted it on our website.

Boundary Study Update, Late December (idlewylde.org)

The data is intended to be used by the Boundary Study Committee as a tool to help facilitate their deliberation and decision-making regarding the redistricting process. The results of the survey alone do not constitute a decision regarding a boundary change and are not intended to be used in the decision-making process independent of other information, discussion, and deliberation. The committee has been reminded to maintain its focus on building a solution that best meets the boundary study objections and considerations when it resumes working sessions on 4 January at Carver High School.