The Board usually meets in the Community Hall on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:30 pm. Interested members are welcome to join us. Please check with a board member to verify time and place.


Board of Directors

President Pete Ismay 410-459-6638
Vice-President Duncan Keir 410-409-5231
Treasurer Dana Reed 443-869-3670
Secretary Paul Romney 410-377-0748


At-Large Members

Member at Large Jessica Brown 412-491-3318
Member at Large Diane Christopher 410-318-9735
Member at Large Michelle List 410-377-5244
Member at Large Peggy Squitieri 410-377-5722


Other Officers

COP Director Katie McCabe
Membership Secretary Paul Romney
Newsletter Editor Paul Romney
Newsletter Distribution Coordinator Jamie Kass
Idlewylde Community Play Group Co-ordinator Jessica Hoptay-Brown
Webmaster Audra Harrison

Last updated 3/31/2019